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[Please read] Hello! Welcome to the Easy Booking demo

Here’s a little website where you can try WooCommerce Easy Booking and its add-ons :

  • Availability Check to manage stocks and availabilities.
  • Duration Discounts to manage pricing depending on duration.
  • Disable Dates to manage dates.
  • Pricing to set different prices depending on days, dates or dateranges.

You can log in here using these credentials :

  • User: Demo
  • Password: easybookingdemo

You’ll be able to modify the plugins settings and the products. You won’t be able to add new products, but you can modify the existing ones. Feel free to test and try to keep the installation clean for everyone 🙂

NB: WooCommerce Product Bundles and WooCommerce Product Addons are compatible with Easy Booking and can be activated for testing if necessary. Please send an email if you need them activated! Bundles and Add-ons are not a feature of Easy Booking. They are separate plugins.

Thank you.